The Beast of Turin

Posted on Jan 24, 2019

During lunch today at work the talk went from Lego to cars built from Lego to cars and then car engines and big big 9.7L engines in trucks and so on. Then for some reason it hopped to modified tractors, which reminded me about this video I saw years ago where some guy in Sweden had modified his old tractor with a huge engine and went about terrorising the countryside with it.

This tractor has been modified by Rickard Nilsson. He took a b21et engine from Volvo 240 turbo, put it in his old tractor and named it Volvo Terror. It’s amazing and I love it.

But back to cars with big engines. I remembered seeing a trailer for a documentary about a car nicknamed the Beast of Turin, which has a ver big engine. 28.3 L to be exact.

That car was built by FIAT and called S76. It was built specifically to break the land-speed record and it almost did, only failing on technicalities, because the French had changed the rules and the Italians where having none of that. Unofficially though, it was the fastest car of the time, reaching 217 km/h.

FIAT S76 timelapse showing fire coming out of engine
Stefan Marjoram -

But it is a beautiful car with a bonkers engine, the biggest of its kind, 28.3 liters, that literally spits fire and since it has only 4 pistons they area huge.

Engine and Pistons from the FIAT S76
Stefan Marjoram -

The trailer for the documentary by Stefan Marjoram is from 2014, shows how Duncan Pittaway rebuilt the car. It also shows how angry the engine sounds. The rebuilt car uses parts from the only two S76 that were built.

The original two cars ended up lost and broken up for parts. Duncan ended up with one of them and later on found the engine from the other. After rebuilding it he then took it to the Goodwood Festival of Speed where they and other vintage car enthusiast drove it 150 miles from Brighton to Goodwood.

I really would have liked to be there on the highway when this thing came flying past breathing its angry fire at the other cars that were in its way.